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Professional Services

Inventory and supply management

Inventory is the most important investment a parts business can make. A state-of-the-art strategy and management system are essential. In addition, inventory is the crux of the industry: having the right part, at the right price, at the right time sounds simple, but it is a major challenge for any manager. With the help of Eagle, JMS and Compass, it is possible to make the inventory manager's job easier.

Maximize gross profit margin

To maximize company profits, it's important to have a clear gross margin strategy based on customer and product mix.  

Implementing key performance indicators helps managers make the right decisions based on results, so they can develop a competitive pricing strategy without sacrificing the company's profitability.

Manage your receivables more efficiently

At the heart of every business, managing accounts receivable is a particularly sensitive challenge for many managers.  How do we collect what is owed without upsetting our customers?  PME Guru has developed a 5-Step Accounts Receivable Management System that provides a simple, effective method to quickly recover amounts that are 60 days or more past due while minimizing the negative impact on sales.

Budget and sales management?

Create a simple budget by customer using technology to better assess your market potential and track results and actions throughout the year.  Track existing customers and their retention rates, as well as their purchase mix compared to other customers and industry averages. Develop a customer action plan with opportunities for existing and prospective customers and assess attrition risks.

Who does what?

To accomplish a company's overall mission, it's important that each employee has a job description and goals. What's more, the business owner must be able to support his or her team while remaining focused on the goals at hand. PME Guru's expertise in this area allows us to identify and train resources to accomplish their tasks.  In addition, the owner of the company must be able to support his team while remaining focused on achieving objectives.  SME Guru has expertise in this area to determine and training resources in the accomplishment of their tasks.

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