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Who are we?

A company with great expertise

Data management

  • Automated extraction of data by industry from different operating system to automated this task in a secure and functional way
  • Standardizing data by industry so that all products and services can be understood and used in an organized, consistent way.
  • Centralized and secure hosting of data in the cloud, allowing us to leverage the AI power of our Guru experts 
  • Manage and update BI ecosystems to improve dashboards and keep customers engaged with quality service for a successful user experience
  • Updating and management of the ecosystems of BI in order to improve the dashboard and keep clients engaged by a quality service for a user experience with success
  • Use of non-personal data, blended according to laws and standards, to help the supply chain forecast demand and better understand regional markets 

Professional services

  • Support, training, and coaching for groups and individuals to help organizations find solutions to continuously improve performance with an action plan.
  • Sales management and budget
  • Supply and inventory management
  • Management of the group's customers, cost structure and gross margins
  • Management of the receivables
  • Outsourcing services for companies and networks that need experienced outside help with BI and other IT projects.

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